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Tavin EM


Get?PrEP online?and enjoy the benefits of generic Truvada from India. Our generic Indian HIV drugs come under Tenvir-EM, Tenof-EM, Tavin-EM, and Ricovir-EM names.

The two most widely used versions of generic Truvada?for PrEP are?Tenvir-EM?(from Cipla, our bestseller) and?Ricovir-EM?(from Mylan), both of which are?approved by the US FDA?and by the?World Health Organization.

Brand Truvada? is 20-30 times more expensive than its generic versions sold in developing countries – you do the math.?But don’t mistake low prices for inferior quality. Generic PrEP medications contain exactly the same active ingredients as brand-name Truvada and work in the same way.?Ready to buy PrEP and Truvada generic online?

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Tavin-EM Pills are a form of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication that helps suppress the HIV-1 virus in the cells. By reducing the infection in the cells, this antiretroviral medication effectively prevents the virus from multiplying and further weakening the immune system of the user.

This drug is primarily made for PrEP, but it can serve as a form of HIV treatment when taken in combination with other drugs, as prescribed by your doctor. As an affordable alternative to Truvada, this medication is a great pill that only requires you to take one a day in order to aid your health.




As a combination of emtricitabine and tenofovir, Tavin-EM treats HIV in infected areas. This is an effective drug that reduces the viral load and helps lessen the effects of HIV-1. In addition to this, Tavin-EM also helps to suppress the effects HIV-1 and lower its ability to weaken a person?s immune system.

As a generic form of medication, Tavin-EM comes at a lower price point than Truvada PrEP medication. This important medication comes at a fraction of the price of similar drugs and can be purchased online at your convenience. You can purchase this medication, along with several others, such as Ricovir-EM, Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM (from Cipla), online through the Highstreetpharma online pharmacy.




By acting as a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), which is the result of the drug being a combination of disoproxil 300 mg and emtricitabine 200 mg, this prescription medication actively suppresses HIV infection, which is the virus that leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

While Tavin-EM does lower and reduces the impact of the HIV virus, by serving as a form of PrEP medication, it does not prevent or cure HIV or symptoms that are commonly associated with AIDS. The medication may be used as a new part of PrEP treatment, but should not be taken by people who don?t know their current HIV status and who have not consulted with a doctor.




Patients should take these pills as instructed by their doctor or placed on the medical instructions that come with the medication, which is usually a single pill a day. Specifically, you should take a whole tablet with or without a meal, but never on an empty stomach. In no circumstances should you take more or less of the drug, even if you have missed a dose.

This medication comes with a guide that you are highly recommended to read before beginning to take the medication. When you are feeling well, please continue taking the prescribed drug and do not skip your dose.

It?s important to not stop after you?ve started taking this medication. Stopping could put lead a patient to develop HIV resistance if done abruptly. For people that wish to stop taking the medication, consult your doctor.




Like with any medication, you are at risk of experiencing side effects when you take these pills. Most of the time, the body is reacting adversely to the medication, but there may be an issue with the medication reacting that requires you to seek medical condition. Be sure to ask your doctor if any of these side effects persist:


  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • severe tiredness;
  • chest pains;
  • unexpected weight loss.


These side effects often show up when people first start taking Tavin-EM, but if they become severe you should contact your healthcare provider.

One of the best things you can do to ensure the safety of yourself and your partner is to take special care while on taking this drug regularly. In order to make the medication most effective, it is advised that you avoid performing unprotected sex, sharing toothbrushes and razors. Make sure to speak with your healthcare provider about other safe sex practices to prevent transmission.





Tavin-EM pills are an effective form of HIV medication, but you should not consume alcohol while taking it or it may lead to damage in your liver. You should also note that Tavin-EM does not fully cure HIV or prevent you from passing it to others. The Tavin-EM tablets may interact with the following medications and could lead to adverse effects:


  • atazanavir;
  • darunavir;
  • citalopram;
  • ganciclovir;
  • acyclovir;
  • cidofovir.


There are other medications that may cause severe side effects or reduce the effectiveness of Tavin-EM if taken along with the drug. It is important to fully disclose what vitamins, herbal remedies, and all medications you currently take to your doctor, before starting to take Tavin-EM pills.




Many patients that regularly use Tavin-EM have report positive results. Specifically, patients report having a reduced viral load and having it even reach undetectable levels within a matter of months. Patients continue remaining healthy while taking the medication for years on end. Patients also reported a significant increase in their CD4+ count while they took this PrEP medicine.

It?s true that patients do experience side effects when they initially start taking the Tavin-EM pills. However, most of these cases only result in a short term effect where the body is adjusting to the new medication. Within a matter of weeks, many new users of the drug have reported positive results and even say that the side effects are no longer present.




When it comes to PrEP medication, Tavin-EM? and other generic brands are available and at a fraction of the cost of Truvada and other major brands. Many patients don?t receive HIV/AIDS medications they need because of the prices, but Highstreetpharma provides a safe place online for your medicine.

This prevention medication is FDA-approved as an alternative to Truvada and is 95% cheaper.

When it comes to PrEP, these pills, and other drugs are available worldwide and you don?t need a prescription to get them. With hassle-free ordering and discreet packaging, you can get the medication you need without worrying about the cost or process again.


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